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Library documents have been generously donated by the authors in most cases. The Kelsey/Trenchard paper was published in the MSS Bulletin.

MSS Collectors Guide The Meter Stamps Society Collector’s Guide
26 pages
by the Meter Stamp Society

Wincor Nixdorf ATM Catalog UK Windor-Nixdorf Hyteck ATM Catalog 1st Edition 2013
90 pages
by John McCallum

CMSG Index Canadian Meter Stamp Study Group
The CMSG was an affiliate of the Postal History Society of Canada. From 1981 to 2005 the newsletter provided detailed descriptions of postage meter history and activities. Since 2005 current information is presented in a regular column in the MSS Quarterly Bulletin. A collection of searchable PDF scans of every issue of the newsletter is available on the CMSG page and at the PHSC site. Also on the CMSG page is the CMSG Catalog that was presented in the NL a few pages at a time. A complete Article Index is also available.

362 pages
edited by James G. Baird & David E. Crotty

Meter types in this catalog include:
✓ Pitney Bowes types: BA/B; CA/CA; Models A, B CK1/CB9; FA1/F1; FB1-5/F2-4
✓ Mail-o-Meter Company types: CB1-6/CA4-6
✓ International Postal Supply types: CD1/CA9-10; CD3-5/CD10; DD1-1/DB9; DH1/DC8
✓ Whitlock Metered Mail types: CE1-3/CA11,12; CG1/CB1-2
✓ Continental Postage Meter types: CF1-5/CA13-16
✓ US Postal Meter types: CH1-6/CB3-7
✓ US Postage Meter types: DG1-2/DC9

Catalog of Pitney Bowes Standing Eagle Meter Stamps A CATALOG OF PITNEY BOWES STANDING EAGLE METER STAMPS
206 pages
by Joseph C. Banchak

Note: This catalog also includes Canada and Phillipines meter stamps produced by the same Pitney Bowes postage meters.
✓ US 91002-93999 95000-97036
✓ Canada 94000-94129
✓ Phillipines 94500-94502

93 pages
by Richard Stambaugh and Dee. D. Drell

The Postage Meter Stamps of China, Taiwan and PRC are described in this book. This 1990 version is out of print. The updated 1991 edition is also out of print. We offer the 1990 edition here to provide some details that might not be present in the Wikibooks edition of the complete International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog.

Francotype Specimen Handbook The Francotype Specimen Handbook 1949-1991
50 pages

A bit longer than 10 years ago, German collector of Francotyp postage meter material purchased a book of what appear to be specimens or essays of Francotyp meter stamps. Dozens of these print designs have never been seen in use in the many countries that they represent. It is assumed that an employee at Francotyp in Germany maintained this book but we have no more information as to its history. The collector has generously provide the images in this book for our library.

US Philatelic Exhibitions and Meter Stamp Slogans US Philatelic Exhibitions and Meter Stamp Slogans
27 pages
by Douglas A. Kelsey & Herbert A. Trenchard

Topical Time Articles Topical Times Articles
23 pages
by Arthur H. Groten

African Computer-Vended Postage African Computer Vended Postage (FRAMA and ATM): An Overview
3 pages
by Karim Roder

Asian Computer-Vended Postage Asian Computer Vended Postage (FRAMA and ATM): An Overview
6 pages
by Karim Roder

European Computer-Vended Postage European Computer Vended Postage (FRAMA and ATM): An Overview
18 pages
by Karim Roder

Latin American Computer-Vended Postage Latin American Computer Vended Postage (FRAMA and ATM): An Overview
4 pages
by Karim Roder

Oceanic Computer Vended Postage Oceanic American Computer-Vended Postage (FRAMA and ATM): An Overview
4 pages
by Karim Roder

GB Meter Franking-History GB Meter Franking-History
54 pages
by Jack Peach

This is the run of Articles that appeared in Gibbons Stamp Monthly between May 2001 and December 2001.

History and Listing of Type FW meters History and Listing of Type FW Meters
26 pages
by E.S. Lapham

MSS Pub 14. Note Type DB was known as Type FW back then.