This is the Meter Stamp Society’s Gallery page and when completed will provide links to various image galleries related to the various collecting aspects of Meter Stamp Society members.

Cover Lovers

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Kiosk Multistamps

This is a collection of US Kiosk stamps that in some way were douple printed. Some were made possible accidently when label paper was placed in the kiosk incorrectly. However many of these seem to have required considerable collusion with a postal employee.

To access this gallery as a PDF click here.

Priority Mail Same Day Express Kiosk Stamps

PME Same Same Day service kiosk stamps were available by accident in July 2014 in San Francisco.

The the Priority Mail Same Day Express gallery is available as a pdf here.

Meter Exhibits

A selection of award winning exhibits donated to the Meter Stamp Society can be found by clicking here.

Henry O. Meisel American Meter Postage Society

To view our Henry O. Meisel gallery please click here.

Classic Meter Galleries

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