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Welcome to the Official

Meter Stamp Society Web Pages

    The Meter Stamp Society, an APS affiliate, is dedicated to the collection of metered and digital postage stamps. These include topical slogans on postage meter stamps, computer vended postage (CVP), framas, photostamps and similar items.  The Society sponsors a meeting at national philatelic shows about every 18 to 24 months.  The next meeting has not yet been determined. Watch this space for announcements.



    The MSS is an non-profit organization and an eBay Giving Works member. Sell an item on eBay and donate a portion (up to 100%) of the proceeds to the MSS as tax deductable donation.





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News Items



Note New LOWER Membership Rates
The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog is FINISHED.
The US Postage Meter Stamp Catalog is also FINISHED.
Check out both at www.wikibooks.com
A New Revised "Collector's Guide" is now available for Free Download.
See "Collector Guide" in menu at left.





Society Information




CVP, Custom Postage and
Postage Meter Catalogs



Computer Vended Postage
USA:Concise Catalog on United States Variable Denominatin Stamps (1989-2018)
1st Edition 78 pages, All Color Images

Karim Roder
New December 2018
www.Amazon.com                                              $33

Personalized Postage
United States Personalized Postage

Charlie Gore, Otto Bergman, Joann Lenz
US Custom Postage generally contains an image provided by the user or an image that the vendor wants to market. The stamp sheets are printed by the vendor and mailed to the user. These stamps are used very much like normal stamps. In the US all of these stamps have some form of IBI (intelligent barcode indicia) barcode.

Society.com                                     Free

Note: This site has moved to the MSS website and needs lots of work. If you have information that we can add to the Catalog please contact us.


Traditional Postage Meters

The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog
Joel Hawkins and Richard Stambaugh
Traditional postage meter stamps that are generally dated and used on that date are listed in this catalog. This catalog covers all countries of the world that ever used postage meters.
en.wikibooks.org/wiki/International_Postage_Meter_Stamp_Catalog                                                                              Free

Specialized United States Postage Meters
The US Postage Meter Stamp Catalog Richard Stambaugh
Traditional postage meter stamps from the United States are in this New Catalog. Covers all postage meter stamps for the United States. Includes specialized chapters on ever aspect of US postage meters.
This Catalog is now complete and ready to use.



Membership Dues

Membership Rates!

Worldwide Web Delivery to email address***

$10 one year

US First Class Mail Delivery*

$20 one year

$40 two years

International First Class Mail*

$35 one year

$70 two years


    *First Class Mail for US and International delivery will also include web delivery if you request it. The Bulletin is now in full Color.

   ***Please provide an email address for this choise.

    To Join the MSS please click the "Join Us" button" above, download the form. Sent it with payment in US Dollars by Postal or Bank Money Order or a Check drawn on a US Bank to our Secretary Treasurer.  
   Dues may also be paid using PayPal to our Secretary Treasure's address.


  Meter Stamps Society Quarterly Bulletin

The Bulletin is the international news source for collectors of a wide range of postage stamps known a 'meters'. This includes prints from the traditional postage meter as well as  more modern additions of Computer Vended Postage, the ATM and Personal (Custom) Postage. The Bulletin is published quarterly. All members may download the issues from our Yahoogroups members only website. Membership can also include a copy mailed to your door.

Contact the Sectretary Treasurer with the Membership Application form (See JOIN) above. We will sign you up.
Note that members who get the Paper Copy can also get the Email Delivery.


Indexes to the Meter Stamp Society Quarterly Bulletin are available on the Index page. These go back to the start in 1948.

In addition all issues of the Bulletin from 1948 to present are available on CD in searchable PDF format. See our Library.


Curious about our Quarterly Bulletin? Download a sample issue Autumn 2011 after our MSS meeting at StampShow 2011.

Click Here




What we Collect:

1. Postage Meter     


    a. Topical Slogan


    b. Postage Meter


    e. Postage Meter


    f. Postage Meter


    g. Town Names


           by State or


2. Computer Meter


3. Digital Meter  Stamps

4. APC (Automated

     Postal Center)


5. Automat Stamps     


    a. Frama Vending


    b. Klussendorf


         Postage Stamps

6. Photostamps

     Personal Postage

     Personalised Stamps

   Custom Postage

7. Tax Revenue Meter


8. Magazine Ads for

    Postage Meters



The Meter Stamp Society Discussion Group




Located at:

as the 'meterstampsociety'


Join Today.

Membership open to all interested in collecting postage meter stamps and related topics.

You do not have to be a member of the MSS but it helps!



APS Affiliate

www.MeterStampSociety.com       email: admin(at)meterstampsociety.com 
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