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Labels can be downloaded from the internet from some services.  Payment for the postage is made via credit card or via services like Ebay/Paypal.  The label is generally downloaded as an Adobe "pdf" file and printed on plain paper or a peel-able Avery label. This label is then taped or glued to the package.  Services for this type of label include the Endicia, USPS, Stamps.com and Pitney Bowes Ebay/Paypal. 

Some of these illustrations are taken from the United States Postage Meter Stamp Catalog, Update 2001 and Updates published in the Meter Stamp Society Quarterly Bulletin.

The use of various forms a PC Postage, including these Internet download services became more practical as access to the internet became available around the world. All these products require frequent and reliable access. Internet access is available through most telephone companies with DSL, as well as most TV cable companies. The old "Dial-Up" is slow and clunky by comparison but still necessary for those living far from metropolitan areas.


Endicia USPS  Mail Labels

Endicia Inc and


Early downloadable label via the US Postal Service's website.  Payment by credit card.  Appeared in 2002. Replaced by the USPS labels below.

USPS Express Mail Label
USPS Click-N-Ship

Downloadable label via the US Postal Service's website www.usps.com.  Payment by credit card.  The printout includes the label on half of the sheet and Instructions and an "Online Label Record" on the other half. 

Can be downloaded with or without postage paid.  Only Priority, Express and Global services available with this service.

Pitney Bowes Ebay/Paypal Label

Modified Pitney Bowes Ebay/Paypal Label  2006

Pitney Bowes Ebay/Paypal

Internet downloadable labels available for First Class, Priority, Parcel Post and other services for Ebay sellers through the USPS "Shipping Zone".  Postage payment via Paypal.

Stamps.com Internet Label
Stamps.com Internet Label

Internet download labels from Stamps.com appeared in 2003.  At this writing in summer of 2006 may not be available without Stamps.com software. There seem to be several variations.

Pitney Bowes Ship Stream Manager?

Pitney Bowes

Observed in late 2006.  Possibly the Pitney Bowes "Ship Stream Manager".

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