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PC Cloud Postage


Pitney Bowes announced in late March 2011 a new form of PC Postage with the brand name pbSmartPostage. Postage printing is possible from any computer. The account software is located on the Internet rather than the user's computer. This is known as "Cloud Computing". As with other versions of PC Postage, a stamp can be printed on a computer printer on a special sheet of die cut peelable labels. The method also prints a parcel postage label similar to previous forms of Internet Download labels. These can be printed on plain paper or a large peelable label..


Test pbSmartPostage Stamp


bpSmartPostage Stamp

In early June 2011 it became possible to set up an account with Pitney Bowes for this service. The sample stamp was shown as a demo.

Internet Download Parcel Label from pbSmartPostage


Parcel Label

The parcel label is very similar to other forms of Internet parcel postage labels and can be printed on plain paper or large peelable labels. Like the labels printed from www.usps.com or through www.ebay..com or www.paypal.com the software is not on the user's computer but on the Internet.

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