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News Reports

These items were reported by Canada Stamp News. First seen in October 2016. We are looking for some more items. You will see our messages about this at our MeterStampSociety group at www.groups.yahoo.com and in our Meter Stamps Society Bulletin. These appear to be from the same type of British kiosk shown at NY2016.
US SSK Kiosks get 2016 Christmas Wreath

First examples found were in Plano, Texas on Oct. 27
and St. Peter, Missouri on Oct 28, 2016.

Royal Mail Post&Go at NY2016

The Royal Mail had two of its Post&Go kiosks at a Hong Kong show in November 2015.

Royal Mail had five "IntelegentAR" kiosks at NY 2106. Two for the UK and one each for Jersey, Gurnesy, and Gilbralter. Figures below are from the Summer Issue 312 of the MSS Quarterly Bulletin.

                                                             July 25, 2016
The 2014 PO Kiosk Rudolph Stamp
Rudolph appeared in Cincinnati on or about November 10, 2014. He was expected on November 6 but we have not seen any examples from that date as yet.
The variable rate stamp "Fold Here" variety now shows "SSK" (self service kiosk) rather than the traditional APC (automated postal center).
The First Day for the adhesive holiday stamp at Washington D.C. and at Rudolf, MH provided an opportunity for some to obtain the first ever FD Cover for a Kiosk stamp.

New Post Office Counter Machine not everywhere
Post offices in several states, including Ohio and California, startedhave been seen using a new counter meter in 2014 or so. The old one has "MOS" on the printer. The new one has "Toshiba." This new machine prints out a small label for letters and such but it also prints a large label for Parcels. The printer for meter labels for both meter locations have the Toshiba brand.
This equipment is used for new CPU labels Type PO15 as well as PO counter meters Type PO 11, 12 and 13.

The example shown is from Mason, Ohio
just north of Cincinnati, Ohio

USPS Introdues Spiderman and Flag
 Stamps at Select APC Kiosks

April  2014.

    The March 31 issue of Linn's Stamp News (available in digital a week earlier) reported that as of April 1 the USPS would introduce a Spiderman stamp to help advertise the newest Spiderman movie due out in May.
    The first reports of the Spiderman stamp came from Ft. Wayne, IN on March 29, 2014.

    The same Linn's article noted that a new Flag stamp would also be introduced later. During the week of April 7 Linn's provided an image of the new Flag stamp and the first reports of this stamp were on April 11 in Chicago suburbs.

    The Spiderman stamp was to be sold at limited APC locations that also vended the standard booklet of 18 flag stamps so that customers who did not want the Spiderman stamp could have a choise.
    The Flag APC stamp was to be used at APC locations were the booklet of 18 section of the Kiosk was not installed.

   Both stamps appear to be destined to be used at very select locations with the rest of the APC Kiosks to continue using the print on demand USPS Eagle stamp.

Wincor Nixdorf Stamp Vending
 Machines in Canada

Update August 2013.

    Note that as of the first week of August 2013 ALL machines throughout Canada have been removed. The trial that started and continued without any announcements or publicity ended in about eight months.
   On December 12, 2012 three Wincor Nixdorf vending machines appeard in post offices in the Toronto Canada area. Others now have appeared in Guelph and surrounding areas in commercial stores like Staples and reportedly in Alberta. These vending machines sell only single stamps in four rates plus a variable rate for parcels. There is a scale to weigh the mail piece. The stamps are available for first class within Canada, first class to the US and international plus the variable rate. The stamps provide a maple leaf design preprinted on a roll of 5000. The value and a 2D barcode are printed on demand by the kiosk. The small lines seen on the 2012 stamp below are guide lines that appear every 8 or so stamps.
   The two stamps shown here represent the first class to the US before, $1.05, and after, $1.10, a rate increase in January 2013. Nine letter domestic and international rate values are printed from on the stamps. Also parcels can be weighed on a scale to the right and a package shipping tag is printed for the package
    These kiosks are now known to be found at the following locations in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.
     As of August 2013 some machines are being removed from the locations below, perhaps due to disappointing sales numbers.

First Class to US 2012

First Class to US 2013


Wincor Nixdorf vending machine testing in Canada

March 5, 2013

Pitney Bowes mail&go Color Stamps

   As of mid December 2012 The Pitney Bowes mail&go kiosks located at 2 or 3 PB loctions in Connecticut began to print twenty four new color stamps as sheets of 10 for almost every season or holiday. The designs are shown below. With the holiday stamps are the US flag stamp that has been provided by these kiosks plus a US stamp showing the Canadian flag.  Just after Christmas 2013 the PB kiosks in Texas and Oklahoma began to print these 24 designs.
   In Mid January 2013 the Texas and Oklahoma kiosks were removed from Super Target stores. At the same time a number of RiteAid drug stores in the Salinas, CA area began to provide these kiosks but no member has yet reported visiting one of these locations. The kiosks are also found in a number of corporate and college campuses that are generally not available to the public. A small convenience store in Derry, NH still has one machine

March 5, 2013


USPS SSSMC Kiosks dispense colored Christmas stamp

   Beginning about November 11, 2012 the SSSMC (Self Service Ship and Mail Center) kiosks located in many post office lobbies began to dispense a Christmas themed colored stamp. The only announcement for this is a round poster pasted on the kiosks. Note that almost all kiosks have that new poster but not all kiosks have the new stamp installed at this time. The stamp is provied on preprinted color rolls of self stick labels. Some examples of these are shown here.
   The stamps can be printed is sheets of 10 or in fewer numbers. If an odd number of stamps is ordered the "Void" block is printed on one stamp. These Forever stamps are valued at the first class one ounce rate, currently 45 cents, soon to be 46 cents.
The variable rate stamp is currently only printed from the large label printer and appears as the "fold here" variety.
   These stamps have been found with the color preprinted section missing because the standard type of labels were installed in the kiosk.
   Just before these stamps appeared the date line just right of the word "Forever" began to appear. On these examples that line reads 11*12 (November, 2012).
   As these colored Christmas stamps were sold out, or just after New Years, the six black Forever designs returned. It is expexted that colored seasonal stamps will appear from time to time.
   Note that at this time (March, 2013) most if not all the kiosks have switched back to the six black and white designs shown below. Some mailbox kiosks were spotted in late February 2013.





February 3, 2013

USPS Introduces FOREVER Stamps at Kiosks inside USPS offices

On April 11, 2012 the USPS began to update individual APC (aka SSSMC) kiosks in local post offices to include six FOREVER designs. By mid May there were about 111 updated. The plan is to have them all updated by September 30, 2012. The designs are shown here. Also, should one of the printers fail, a larger printer is used and the stamps change to include the "Fold Here" variety. More information in the MSS Quarterly Bulletin Summer 2012.

May 31, 2012
Standard Forever Stamps

Fold Here Variety


Older Pitney Bowes Kiosks Removed from
New York Duane Reade Pharmacies.

At some point during the Autumn of 2011 the Duane Reade stores at four locations in New York City started some renovations. The Pitney Bowes Kiosks were removed. There is no word as to if or when these might be returned with the new kiosk model.

December 1, 2011

The USPS Tests First Class Mail Tracking

   On December 7, 2011 the USPS started a trial selling packs of 5 or 10 sheets each with five barcodes. These barcodes, when affixed to First Class Mail will allow these items to be tracked during their journey to the recipient. It appears that the barcode packets are sold only at post offices in the Washington, DC area, including areas in Maryland and Virginia.
  MSS members tested this in unusual ways including by putting them on mail posted in Germany and mail sent to Germany. The routing page on USPS.com correctly followed the mail while going thorugh the USPS sorting systems. It did not actually provide a date of deliver, but just noted whenever the envelope went through sorting sites on the way.
  The announcement as presented to the Postal Regulatory Commission is attached Here.
   After these were sold out during the spring of 2011 the program was discontinued.

FCM Tracking Barcode

FCM Tracking Barcode Sheet of Five



Pitney Bowes Kiosk in Texas

    Without much announcement, PB placed about eight new kiosks in SuperTarget stores in the Dallas- Ft. Worth Texas areas. The stamps are much more attractive and there is promise of more designs to come.

PB Kiosk in Texas

November 2011

Pitney Bowes Announces

Cloud Postage


    Pitney Bowes announced, in the last couple of days of March 2011, a "Cloud" based postage. The user account is on the Internet, not on his/her computer. Postage stamps and shipping labels can be printed from any computer. The PB software is in the "Cloud" as is the user account. See our Gallery for more details. As with earlier types of PC Postage, Internet download parcel shipping labels with postage can be printed on plain paper. Stamps must be printed on special diecut sheets with fluorescent orange tags. Shown below is a test stamp and a test shipping label.



June 5, 2011


Duane Reade Postal Kiosks in New York City


Duane Reade is a drug store chain in New York City that has a history of using kiosks, including a relatively new one at hospitals and clinics that doctors and patents can use to order prescriptions. Four locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn  have recently installed the Pitney Bowes postal kiosks along with a small mailbox and a rack of postal supplies. The kiosk is similar to those discussed in articles on this page below. The locations as of late September 2009 are:

661 8th Ave. Manhattan
325 Columbus Ave. Manhattan
200 Water Street Manhattan
436 86th Street Brooklyn

Photographs of the unit at the 8th Ave. store are shown here. At this time we have not actually seen a scan of the stamp produced by these kiosks but the description is similar to that shown in articles here and in the Meter Stamp Society Bulletin issue 279, Spring 2008. The stamp is printed on a peelable label that has a pink phosphorescent bar to the right. The stamp is printed in black ink rather than the usual red. This stamp is essentially identical to the "1P" Pitney Bowes indicia shown in the Gallery except for the wording "Sold" next to the date indicating that the stamp may be used anytime in the future. The backing paper has the Pitney Bowes logo.


Pitney Bowes Kiosk installed at Duane Reade store at 8th Ave. and 42nd St.


September 2009


Added Note: In January 2010 we learn that some Target stores in Minneapolis, Dallas and Oklahoma City may have the PB kiosk as well. We have not as yet had verification of this by members.

January 2010



Pitney Bowes Kiosk Canadian Test

Pitney Bowes tested their Kiosk, the same one discussed several notes below this, at six locations around Toronto. The tests ran from September 2008 to January 2009. The kiosks were removed and there is no indication that they will be used anywhere else. This test was first published in the BNAPS, British North America Philatelic Society, journal Topics Vol 66, number 2, April-June 2009. As with the US kiosk, the printed stamp was in black ink on a peelable label that has a pink phosphorescent bar on the right.

Stamp image provided by Topics Article dated April-June 2009.


Essay of Future Stamp provided by PB in 2007.


September 2009

New UK Vending Stamps

Two Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal vending machines went online at the Galleries branch in Bristol UK on 8 October, 2008. The machine can weigh the mail and prepare labels for a variety of mail services. See the MSSQB Vol60/no4(282) for more info.

Two kiosks from the same vendor are also seen in the Faroe Islands. For more info go to  www.stamps.fo and search for "Franking Labels" at that site.

Similar kiosks are scheduled for other European countries in the next months.

A brochure from Wincor-Nixdorf is attached HERE.




December 2008

IBM "Print on Demand" Kiosk Test

Just one IBM "Print on Demand" kiosk was tested at a US Post Office Innovation Center in Schaumberg, Illinois. See the MSSQB Vol 60/No.3 (281) for more information. The test ended on July 31 2009 with no indications that is would be reinstalled anywhere else. The stamp had been changed to the second image below available in a sheet of 10 or a single.


September 2009

Pitney Bowes/NCR Postal Kiosk

The Kiosks are said to be in 85 locations in the US and an unknown number in other parts of the world.  One unit in Canada, at last call, had been tested internally but had not been placed.  All units are rented to corporations or universities and placed in common areas accessible to the employees or students but not generally to the outside public.  No first day covers were ever prepared and there have been absolutely no reports of mailed covers. PB does provide a brochure.

13 November, 2007


Data-Pac introduced a redesigned website in October 2007.  It appears that beta trials are complete and some postage meters are in service.  Less than five covers have been reported at this date. No first day covers were ever prepared. Some known imprints are black and some red.

13 November, 2007

Data-Pac Conducts Postage Meter Beta Trials

Richard Yankloski, CEO of Data-Pac Mailing Systems, Inc., announced that Data-Pac, until now a vendor of computer software and computers to the mail room industry, began Beta trials of a new line of postage meters, America2, at 25 locations involving as many as 60 postage meters.  Items are being seen in the mail.  The first day of use is listed as 11 November, 2006 but it is believed that no special first day covers were prepared.  www.data-pac.com.

2 February, 2007


Pitney Bowes and NCR Introduce Postal Kiosks


Pitney Bowes and NCR announced 10/10/06 that Self Service Postal Kiosks are being placed.  See:

http://www.ncr. com/en/media_ information/ 2006/oct/ pr101006a. htm

Our members have found two:

1. Emory University, Atlanta, GA (see pdf file attached)
https://www. admin.emory. edu/OBM/mail/ pdfs/Kiosk% 20document. pdf
2. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
http://www.virginia .edu/mailservice s/kiosk.html

See News Page Item below about earlier tests at PB locations. Please report any other locations to admin(at)meterstampsociety.com.  Thanks


We have received the photo below from Emory U taken on 1 December 2006 with an "out of order" sign (left). The PB Press department provides a photo of the "new" model (right). PB also states that there are eight of these in the US but was not able to identify the locations for us. Units are in place in Europe, South America, Asia and Canada. 


The Emory unit was restarted in February and a friend obtained the following image for us. Identical in appearance to the trial at Pitney Bowes headquarters.  More information in the MSSB Spring 2007 edition.


However as of late April 2007 a visitor found the University of Virginia unit deactivated.


22 April, 2007




Meter Stamps Society Application as a Tax Exempt Charity is Approved


The Meter Stamp Society has been designated by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations after 2 August, 2004 of money and material are fully deductible to the fullest extent the law allows. The society relies on these donations to produce a quality Bulletin, further our educational purposes, and promote meter stamp collecting. All donations are welcome. If you donate material, it will be auctioned in order to receive the ultimate benefit to the society and to allow collectors to benefit from owning and studying the material. If you have material to donate, please contact our auction chairman, Joel Hawkins [3102 North 150th Lane Goodyear, AZ 85338, e-mail:  joel5215(at)aol.com]. If you have money to donate, please send your contribution to Secretary-Treasurer Doug Kelsey, [PO Box 16278 Tucson, AZ 85732-6278, e-mail:  douglasK21(at)aol.com]. All donations will be acknowledged in the Bulletin. Additionally, large donations will be provided with the necessary acknowledgment letter and tax forms (if required as determined by value). If you have any questions about making a donation to the MSS, please contact Doug Kelsey.


Notes from the MSS meeting at Washington 2006
  • Non-Profit tax status is still in the hands of the IRS.
  • New editor of the MSSB is needed as Rick Stambaugh plans retirement after 22 years at the helm.
  • Plans discussed to assign "columns" to volunteers to take the full writing task off the new editor.
  • Discussion of possible plans for the website:
  •     Possible distribution of MSSB via the web to save printing and mail costs
  •     Possible use of the website to distribute old issues of the MSSB, individually and/or as a  
  •          complete CD.
  •     Possible set up a "List" to facilitate communication to all members by e-mail
  • Request to members to donate Exhibits for downloads from the Gallery (Got one that day!)
  • Discuss next meeting date in 2007. Looking at shows in Ohio or Arizona. 

      Please post your comments for this agenda to decrotty(at)yahoo.com


MSS Members Help the National Postal Museum build a Website

MSS members have been invited to help build the NPM's new website www.arago.si.edu.  The site was introduced during the Washington 2006 show.  At this writing just a few original postage meters are featured on the site.  In time we hope to help write descriptions for their extensive collection of US postage meters.  Bob Rice has provided the descriptions for these items.

The name Arago was chosen because Mr. Arago was an original supporter of the Smithsonian.  He is said to have promoted the idea that information should be made available using the best possible technology.

Also check out the NPM's main website: www.postalmuseum.si.edu.


Pitney Bowes Tests New Vending Postal Kiosk

Here is the text of a notice to employees for a beta test and an image of the stamp produced.

Date: December 9, 2005

Subject: Postal Kiosk Installation at Your Location

To All WHQ, 35 Waterview and 27 Waterview Employees



Exciting news! Today, the first live Pitney Bowes Postal Kiosk will be

installed and ready to use outside the 35 Waterview cafeteria.

Recently approved by USPS to move into the Beta phase, the Kiosk

represents a new business opportunity combining our Postal Evidencing and

Secure funds management expertise with self-service kiosk technology. This

is another step forward in our commitment to expand Pitney Bowes' role in

the mailstream.

The kiosk can be used to mail letters and packages, as well as purchase

stamp-like indicia strips using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and



Key Dates

Friday, Dec 9: Kiosk Installation at 35 Waterview - Outside the cafeteria

Friday, Dec 16: Kiosk Installation at World Headquarters - Between the

cafeteria and Company Store


Action Requested

I'd like to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to purchase postage

using the system. The kiosk is meant to make your lives a little easier

during this hectic holiday season. Mail a package to a loved one.

Purchase indicia strips for your holiday cards. Try it out.


We have a development team who is very interested in getting your feedback

on this new product. Web and e-mail addresses for providing feedback will

be posted at the kiosk.

Thank you,




Meter Migration Mandate

Old meters are disappearing.  The post offices of the U.S. and Canada will eventually obsolete any postage meter that is not digital, remotely resetable and does not have a digital printer.  The schedule is shown here:

Meter Migration Mandate Phases


Meter Type

Obsolescence Date

United States



Phase 1

Mechanical Meters

Dec 31, 1999? Complete

Phase 2

Post Office Manually Reset Electronic Meters

Feb 28, 2005 Complete

Phase 3

Non Enhanced Letter Press Technology

Dec 31, 2006

Phase 4

Enhanced Letter Press Technology

Dec 31, 2008




Phase 1

Mechanical Post Office Reset Meters

Dec 31, 2002 Complete

Phase 2

Electronic Post Office Reset System

Dec 31, 2003 Complete

Phase 3

All Not Remotely Reset and Not with Digital Printing

Dec 31, 2006

Extended to July 30, 2007


The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog appears Spring 2005

The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog

Joel Hawkins, Richard Stambaugh 2005

Availability: www.WorldMeterStamps.com


Canadian Meter Catalog appears Spring 2005

Canadian Meter Postage Stamp Catalog 

Ross W. Irwin

Longley Auctions, 2004

Availablity: www.longleyauctions.com/ 

Longley Auctions

PO Box 620

Waterdown, Ontario

Canada L0R 2H0

Review See MSS Quarterly Bulletin - Fall 2005





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