The Catalog of United States Personalized Postage






Pitney Bowes
Xpress It Postage
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The vendor list contains only the names that are associated with
stamps that can be identified as sold by the listed vendor.


There are vendors whose stamps were printed by

Endicia and Pitney Bowes that cannot be distinguished from

the stamps of the printer once they have been removed

from their backing sheets.

This catalog will list those vendor / partners under the

appropriate printer.  Examples of sheets, when available,

can be found in the printers links.


All Catalog Numbers Are Listed In Red


Use to find an unknown stamp's catalog number


Examine your stamp to obtain the name of the vendor. Use links at left.

If your stamp has both Zazzle and Pitney Bowes use Zazzle link.



Use when the catalog number is known

If the number starts with ST use the link.

If the number starts with EN use the Endicia link.

If the number starts with ZA use the Zazzle link.

If the number starts with PB use the Pitney Bowes link.


The numbering system for this catalog assigns varying values to a sequence consisting of letters, numbers, letters, numbers --- letters , numbers, etc.
The values are obtained from selected property tables used for each variety.

Follow Catalog Numbering for more information.