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StampShow 2013
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 8-11, 2012

Canadian Postage Meter Stamps, David Crotty
British North America Philatelic Society
Meter Stamp Society

Machine Vended Postage Labels of USA (1989-2009)
, Depak Haritwal

Pioneer Postage Meters of New Zealand,
Richard Stambaugh

Postage Meter Stamps and Uses in the Soviet Union (1928-1991)
Joel A. Hawkins

The Fox, Joel A. Hawkins
Gold Single Frame

The Man with the Big Idea-Arthur H. Pitney
, Bob Rice
Gold Single Frame




NAPEX 2009
McLean, Virginia

June5-7, 2009

Experimental Postage Due Meter Dies 1941-1954, Bob Rice

Single Frame Grand Award

(First Known Grand Award for a Meter Exhibit!)

Gold Medal


Canada Postage Meter Stamps Mechanical, Electronic, Digital, David Crotty

Gold Award

Meter Stamp Society Award


The Man From Chicago with a Big Idea, Rob Rice

Vermeil Medal


The Origin and Evolution of Postage Meter Advertising Slogans, Richard Stambaugh

Vermeil Medal


Aden Meter Marks, Gary Brown

Vermeil Medal


Canadian Free Frank Machine Imprints, David Crotty

Silver Medal


MSS Quarterly Bulletin, David Crotty

Silver Literature Medal


Meters "On The Ice", David Crotty

Silver Bronze Medal



Colopex 2008

Columbus, Ohio

February 1-3, 2008

United States Classic Meter Stamps, Doug Kelsey

Reserve Grand Award

Gold Medal

Meter Stamp Society Award

Postal History Society Posthorn Medal


Postal Meter Stamps of Egypt 1922-1971 and Their Usage, Stephen P. Kaplan

Gold Medal

APS Research Award


United States Official Metered Mail, Joel Hawkins

Vermeil Medal


Canada Postage Meter Stamps-Mechanical, Electronic and Digital, David E. Crotty

Gold Medal

AAPE Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting Medal


Arthur H Pitney-The Man from Chicago With a Big Idea, Robert W. Rice

Vermeil Medal


Postage Meter Stamps and Related Machines Within the Soviet Union (USSP) 1928-1991, Joel Hawkins

Silver Medal

AAPE Award of Honor


Golfing Out of the Rough and Through the Green, Patricia Ann Loehr

Silver Medal


Canadian Government Free Frank and Permit Machine Imprints, David E. Crotty

Silver Bronze Single Frame Medal


Modern Presidential Free Franks-Official and Related Meter Stamps,

Stamps, Signature Faccimilies, Penalty and Permit Mail, and Stamped Mail, Joel Hawkins

Silver Bronze Medal



Americover 2007

Stamford, CT

August 2007

Neopost Computer Vended Postage First Day Stamps and Covers, John Ryskamp


Curtis B. Patterson Award

AAPE Novice Award

(Please go to the Gallery/Exhibits to see this exhibit)


Automated Postal Center (APC) First Day Stamps and Covers from Tow Rate Eras, John Ryskamp



Novapex 2006

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

September 2006

A Typology of Botswana Meter Marks, Gordon Smith

Vermil Award

APS Award of Excellence for Post-1980 Material

AAPE Silver Award



Washington 2006

Washington, DC

May 2006

United States Classic Meter Stamps, Douglas Kelsey

Large Vermil Award


Masks of the Universe (topical exhibit with some meters), Andre Scheer

Vermil Award

(Please go to the Gallery/Exhibits to see this exhibit)



Stampshow Expo 2006

Toronto, Ontario Canada

April 2006

Canada Postage Meters, Mechanical Era to the Digital Era, Dave Crotty

Gold Award 

(Please go to the Gallery/Exhibits to see this exhibit)





Phoenix, Arizona

February 2006

United States Classic Meter Stamps, Doug Kelsey

Gold Medal, Reserve Grand Award, American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence 1900-1940



36th Plymouth Show

West Suburban Stamp Club, Plymouth Michigan

April 23, 2005

While this was not an MSS meet there were two meter exhibits.


E-COM and its Forerunners (Single Frame), Joann Lenz

Gold, Grand Champion


Canada's Meters, Mechanical Age to Digital Age, David Crotty




Garfield-Perry March Party

Garfield Perry Stamp Club, Cleveland Ohio

March 11-13, 2005

This year's MSS Convention was held in conjunction with the Garfield-Perry 'March Party' 

(11 - 13 March 2005) in Cleveland, Ohio.  There were 12 MSS members in 

attendance and it great to see good friends and collectors again.  

And, as we have done in the past, MSS members gathered a more than

 fair share of the available awards.

The Use of Postage Meters in Mandate Palestine, Steve Kaplin 
GOLD, also the Meter Stamp Society GOLD Award

Mexican Meters - The First 50 Years, Dale Pulver
GOLD, also MEPSI Bronze

Mexico: The 1-c Plate of the 1879 - 1883 Foreign Mail Issue, Dale Pulver

The Man from Chicago with a Big Idea, Bob Rice 

Postage Meter Stamps of the Soviet Union and Former Soviet Union Countries, Joel Hawkins
VERMEIL, also APS Medal of Excellence, Post-1980 Material

Canada's Meters, Mechanical Age to the Digital Age, Dave Crotty 


Personal Computer Meter Postage - Revolution to Failure, Tony Wawrukiewicz 
Judge and Non-Competitive Exhibit

National One Cent Letter Postage Association, Joann Lenz 
Single Frame GRAND and GOLD, also Garfield-Perry Single Frame First

Golf Meter Stamps [One Frame Exhibit], Pat Loehr 



Dayton, Ohio 

September 12-14, 2003
The Meter Stamp Society convention, held in conjunction with AIRPEX XXVIII in 

Dayton Ohio 12  - 14 Sept 2003,  proved to be another huge success for our members.

  What follows is a brief outline of the results.  Additional information and 

pictures of the events appeared in a subsequent issue of the MSS Bulletin. 

Metered Air Mail, Doug Kelsey 

(Court of Honor): Gold Award

Fifty Years With the NCR Meter Stamps, Dr Frank Shively

Gold Award, The Wright Brothers (Court of Honor): Gold Award

Postage Meter Stamps and Uses of the Soviet Union and FSU, Joel Hawkins

 Meter Stamp Society Grand Award, Gold Award, and APS Research Award

Postage Meter Stamps of Egypt, Steve Kaplan

 Gold Award, The Use of Postage Meters in the Mandate of Palestine: Gold Award

Golf meter stamps (One Frame Exhibit), Patricia Loehr

Gold Award


Mexican meters, the first 50 years, 1928-1980, Dale Pulver

 Vermeil Award, American Air Mail Society Vermeil Award, 

and the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Creativity Award

Mexico: The Rollercoaster Airmail Rates, 1928-1932 (One Frame Exhibit), Dale Pulver

 American Air Mail Society Vermeil Award

Transoceantic Airmail During the Clipper Era, Dave Crotty

Silver Award, American Air Mail Society Silver Award, 

and the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Novice Award

Canadian Meter Stamps, Marc Eisenberg

 Silver Award and American Air Mail Society Silver Award

Christmas Slogans, Earl Hoehn:



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