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In 1981 The Canadian Meter Study Group, CMSG, was formed as part of the Postal History Society of Canada (www.postalhistorycanada.net). Clay Rubec was the editor of the Canadian Meter Stamp Newsletter until about 1986. In 1988 Ross Irwin picked up as the newsletter editor, with Dave Cooper as associate editor, and they have continued in those roles since. From his first issue in 1988 Professor Irwin has used the newsletter to develop the CMSG catalog by providing a few pages at a time and those pages are interspersed in the Newsletter issues. This library includes all issues of the CMSG Newsletter and an Index compiled by Irwin. The CMSG Catalog is also assembled separately. 

In 2004 Ross Irwin published a revised Canada Meter Postage Stamp Catalog based on the CMSG catalog.  Where the CMSG Catalog numbering system (as with earlier Irwin Catalogs) was roughly based on when the meter type first appeared, the 2004 edition is based on manufacturers. This catalog is available from:


Longley Auctions, PO Box 620

Waterdown, Ontario

Canada L0R 2H0



How to Find Information in the CMSG Newsletter

  1. Use the Index for Newsletters 1-70. Types from the CMSG Catalog are reconciled with the 2004 Irwin Canadian Meter Postage Stamp Catalog and the 2005 International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog.

  2. Select the Newsletter Issue in the table directly below. Use the PDF bookmarking tool to navigate through the long documents that have more than one issue.


CMSG Newsletter Issues


  1. The Adobe Reader is needed to view these documents.

  2. Some early issues have faded. Some pages responded to adjustments and some did not.

  3. Scans of issues are in PDF searchable format.  Where several issues are bundled in a year please use the Bookmark feature to assist navigating the document.

  4. The Index, also in PDF format, is searchable using the Adobe Reader search icon (usually ctrl F). The Index includes references to the Newsletter and the recent Canadian Postage Meter Stamp Catalog by Irwin.


Index 1-70
1981 1
1981 2-3
1982 4-6
1983 7-10
1984 11-14
1985 15-17
1986 18
1987 no issues
1988 19-21
1989 22-25
1990 26-29
1991 30-33
1992 34-36
1993 37-39
1994 40-42
1995 43-44
1996 45-48
1997 49-51
1998 52-56
1999 57-59
2000 60-63
2001 64-65
2002 66
2003 67-68
2004 69
2005 70


CMSG Catalog

The CMSG Catalog was developed over the years by Ross Irwin and published in the newsletter, a few pages at a time. Link HERE to the Catalog assembled from these pages. The CMSG Catalog has been superseded by the Canada Meter Postage Stamp Catalog of 2004.  However, there is much information that could not fit.  We include pages from the newsletter that apply to the meter types here to make the extra information a bit easier to find.   The order published was not necessarily numerical.  The Catalog is in PDF format.  It is suggested that the reader use the "bookmark" feature of PDF files to navigate through this very long document.  


Meter Type Reconciliation

The meter types are different for the three current catalogs that list Canadian meter stamps.  Link HERE to a Reconciliation Table comparing the listings from the CMSG Catalog, the Canada Meter Postage Stamp Catalog of 2004 by Ross Irwin and the International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog (IPMSC) of 2005 by J. Hawkins and R. Stambaugh. The IPMSC is now available as the IPMSC wikibook.

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